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5 Ways to Write a Winning Offer in Today’s Real Estate Market

Our nation is in the midst of a serious housing crunch. Last year, a lack of inventory and soaring prices left many would-be homebuyers feeling pinched. But now, with interest rates climbing, many of them are also feeling desperate to lock in a mortgage—which has only added fuel to the fire.1 Fortunately, if you’re a…

A Return to ‘Normal’? The State of Real Estate in 2022

Last year was one for the real estate history books. The pandemic helped usher in a buying frenzy that caused home prices to soar nationwide by a record 19.9% between August 2020 and August 2021.1 However, there were signs in the fourth quarter that the red-hot housing market was beginning to simmer down. In the…

Home Gifts for Every Person on Your List!

Does anyone else get a little overwhelmed by holiday shopping? If you’re struggling to find the perfect something for everyone on your list, check out our home gift guide ➡️ http://www.jessietheerealtor.com In it, we share 20 ideas to appeal to your loved ones’ unique interests. From the bookworm 📗🐛 to the baker 🧑‍🍳🎂 to the…

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